Carroll County Transit

Your Source For Transportation

Providing service to all ages throughout Carroll County

Carroll County Transit (CCT), located in Mt. Carroll, Illinois provides public transportation to ALL residents of Carroll County, regardless of age, through a demand-response and non-emergency service. Phone Number is 815-244-0011
Mission Statement:
The mission of CCT is to provide safe, reliable, and cost effective public transportation to
citizens of Carroll County. We are committed to enhancing quality of life through affordable,
accessible transportation services. Our Carroll County Transit team pledges to provide courteous
service to our customers and meet the changing needs of our region.

Curb to Curb service provided. Door to Door Service provided on request.
All our buses are equipped with Wheel-chair accessibility.
Comfort / Service Animals are permitted.
Reservations are Required  -  Call at least one day in advance by 11:30 am to schedule transport. 
Passengers are encouraged to call as soon as they are aware of the need to ride.
Same day service is $5.00 per trip, if availability exists.
Transportation is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
Appointments outside of Carroll County  -  no later than 1:00 PM
Appointments inside of Carroll County    -  no later than 2:00 PM
Information the dispatcher will ask you at the time of request - Name, address, Birth date, destination, appointment time, proof of disability, proff of Veteran status and if you will need special assistance.
Driver may ask for picture ID upon boarding.

Seniors (60+)

Donations Accepted



Disabled & Veterans

Outside of County

$2.00 one way

$3.00 one way

$4.00 Round trip

$6.00 Round Trip

$ 1.00 each stop


Adults (18+) within County

$4.00  one way

$8.00 round trip

$ 2.00 each stop

Adults (18+) outside County

$6.00 one way

$12.00 round trip

$ 2.00 each stop


$2.00 one way

$4.00 round trip

$ 1.00 each stop

Children under 18

$1.00 one way

$2.00 round trip

Children under 12

$.50 one way

$1.00 round trip


Reservations, Scheduling, and Cancellations:
Customers must call 815-244-0011 a minimum of one day in advance (by 11:30 am)to schedule transportation.
Same day service is $5.00 per trip plus regular trip charge when available.
All stops must be on schedule prior to pick up.
Cancellations should be received 24 hours in advance or as early as possible.
CCT will accept cancellations up to 2 hours prior to appointed PICK UP time without penalty charge.
The penalty fee for late cancellations and no-shows are $5.00 per time.
Frequent cancellations and no-shows can result in suspension of riding privileges.
Only Medical Trips to Rockford for a Fee and if we have availablity and 3 day advance notice.
We are doing Medical trips for Veterans to Madison, WI. Contact our Trasnsit Office for scheduling. 
We are also going to Monroe for Medical Trips, 3 day advance notice minimum and availability for these trips.

Funding for public transportation is received through a Section 5311 grant with Carroll County, from Illinois Department of
Transportation and Downstate Operation Assistance Program.